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Alga 800 is a 100% fresh seaweed extract from brown seaweeds such as sargassum, ascophyllum nodosum, and laminaria. and it contains natural plant hormones and various natural nutrient substances, trace mineral elements, carbohydrates such as alginic acids, polysaccharide, etc. it contains antitoxins which helps plant to fend off bacteria and viruses, repel insects. also, it can rapidly complement the nutrients, improve the quality of product, improve blossom and fruit set, thicken, enlarge and balance the leaf growth, supply well-balanced crop nutrients, help plants to endure environmental stress, promote the development of shoots and roots, stimulate cell division, and improve the fruit size.

Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
seaweed extract application


Alga800 Item Standard Unit

Black Brown Powder/Flakes

Solubility 99.9  %
Alginic Acid 13%-15%; ≥18.0     %



Organic Matter


Moisture ≤1.5 %
Total Nitrogen(N) 1.0-3.0 %
Phosphorus (P2O5) 1.0-5.0 %

Potassium K2O 

≥16.0 %


Functions & Benefit:

(1) Promote root growth, alleviate successive cropping obstacles, increase the fertilizer application efficiency and retard plant senescence.

(2)Control and balance the growth of plant, prevent excessive growth of branches, and decrease pruning.

(3)Improve the growth of leaves and the photosynthesis, which is good for nutrient accumulation, trans- portion and storage.

(4)Alginate sodium from seaweed extract can improve budding and flowering ratio, and decrease abnormal fruit, small fruit and rotten fruit.

(5)Make the fruit keep good shape, bright and colorful peel, high sugar content, and long-term storage.

(6)Improve small leaves, yellow leaves, fruit shrink, bitter pit, and other physiological disease caused by nutrient deficiency.

(7)Repel insects, reduce spread of the virus caused by worms, phytoplasma and bacterial diseases.

(8)Enhance the capabilities of drought, cold, disease and flood resistance.

(9)Adjust soil PH, improve soil physical structure, keep moisture and fertility, be conducive to the growth of microorganisms.

Direction for use:

Spraying: Dilute it with water for 1500-2000 times. Dosage: 0.4-0.6 kg/acre.

Crops with one picking: Spray 3~4 times in whole growing period.

Crops with several picking: Spray after each picking.

Drip Irrigation: Dilute it with water for 1500-2000 times. Dosage: 0.6-1.2kg/acre.

Apply 3~4 times in whole growing period.

Marks:Vegetable and fruit products work best when diluted 600-700 times.


20kgs carton; 20kgs kraft bag; 25kgs kraft bag; 20kgs fiber can.

Inner bag is usually packaged in double clear plastic bags.(Special needs excepted)

Small separate package can be customized as per customers’ design, such as 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kgs, 10kgs, packed in aluminum foil bag.

The Pallet:


seaweed extract packing
seaweed extract packing
seaweed extract packing



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