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Khumic Co.-The Largest Humic & Fulvic Products Factory In China.

Khumic Co.

Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co.,Ltd- The Largest Humic & Fulvic Products Manufacturer In China.

Our factory covers an area of about 100,000 square meters in Hami city-Xinjiang province in China. Using the best high activity young leonardite as raw materials, our annual production capacity of humate products is 200,000 metric tons, now we are the largest humate products factory in China.

Which products we are manufacturing:

Foliar Fertilizer: 
FulvicMax (Organic Humic Fulvic +)
FulvicPlus (Organic Humic Fulvic +)
Khumic-100 (Organic Humic Fulvic +)
Seaweed Extract Powder/Flakes
Amino Acid Powder
Drip Irrigation:
FulvicMax (Organic Humic Fulvic +)
FulvicPlus (Organic Humic Fulvic +)
Base Fertilizer:
Super KFulvic AG (Organic Humic Fulvic + K)
Khumic-AG (Organic Humic Fulvic + K)
KFulvic-AG (Organic Humic Fulvic + N + K)
FertiPlus (Organic Humic + NPK 12-1-1, 12-3-3 or Customized)
※ Our above products have significant effects on increasing crop yield and improving fruits quality,etc.

※ At the same time, we are supplying 100% Natural Mineral Source Fulvic Acid for Beverage/Food/Cosmetic/Pharmaceutical application, which is 100% physically extracted from Natural Minerals with international advanced technology.

What our advantages are:

Adopting the best low-temperature drying technology;
Adopting the special chelating trace elements process;
Owning leonardite mines, the quality of our humate products is premium & stable;
Powerful production capacity, annually producing 200,000 tons humic & fulvic products;
Certified by organic OMRI & EU REACH;
Complete & professional after sale services;

What our philosophy is:

Supplying the best humate products for organic farms and human health !

We will be your reliable strength business partner, welcome to contact us for prosper business !

Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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