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Good Feedback of Hot Selling super Potassium Humate from Yemen Client

January 07, 2022

We are very pleased with the good feedback we have received from our Middle east customers. Our Yemen distributor purchased Potassium Humate and Super Potassium humate, Potassium Fulvate (fulivc acid), EDDHA-FE 6%, Chelate Fe from us. At the moment, we have been delvieryed 20 container goods to Yemen market, our clients is markting our Khumic brand. Local Yemen farmer are very happy with our products effective, especially in Vegetables and furits and Tea.

When our customer contacted us, he said that he was very interested in our Humic acid Fulvic acid porducts, and wanted to replace his Eu supplie, want to get a New supplier, with More competitve product price, and stable supply ability, and famous brand. However, our Khumic group is China largest Humic acid manufatuer, annual production above 200,000.00 tons. Totally meet his requried.

Good Feedback of Hot Selling super Potassium Humate from Yemen Client

After confirming the package size, register documents, and order quantity, we began to arrange the factory production. Since we have already done many Middle east clients order, morely like Potassium humate with 1kg color bag, packed in 20kg carton, suitbale for fertilizer retial shop. the production process is very smooth, and our products are finished very fast, just 25days.

When the product was completed, we first sent the completed product photos to our customer for confirmation. he was very satisfied with our products and recognized our quality. We arranged the packaging and delivery immediately. After receiving the product and checked with his farmer, our customer sent the feedback picture to us, and he told us that he could make more orders.

Our factory covers an area of about 100,000 square meters in Hami city-Xinjiang province in China. Using the best high activity young leonardite as raw materials, our annual production capacity of humate products is 200,000 metric tons.We will be your reliable strength business partner, welcome to contact us for prosper business !

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