About us

Khumic Co.-The Largest Humic & Fulvic Products Factory In China.


Our Values

Our values inspire our employees and drive our partners' success. At Khumic Co.  our values are a part of our corporate culture. Since our beginning, we have demonstrated a commitment to innovation, integrity, diversity, passion and embracing challenges.

The five values we expect all Khumic Co.  employees around the world to embrace are: Vision – Integrity – Diversity – Passion – Challenge. We are evaluated against our ability to demonstrate these values in our work every day.

And here are a few examples of how our values contribute to our business success.



    Vision -- Building Global Value Chains

    The ability to take a long view and effectively mobilize internal and external resources to accomplish large-scale objectives is an essential part of our corporate DNA.


    Integrity -- A Heritage of Concern for the Community

    Our founder asserted that business dealings must benefit not only the buyer and seller but also wider society. Giving back to the communities in which we operate is one of the ways we uphold this principle.


    Diversity -- Making Us a Better Employer and More Successful Business

    The diversity of our employees not only makes us a stronger and more capable organization but also one better attuned to the many markets we serve worldwide. Today, as the pace of market change and segmentation continues to accelerate, companies that can mobilize the ideas and skills of people with a variety of backgrounds have a clear edge. At Khumic Co. , we value diversity and foster it through recruitment policies and through programs for optimizing individual skills and promoting talent on a global basis.  


    Passion -- Sparing No Effort to Ensure Success

    Whether scouring the world for promising new business opportunities or attending to the many details involved in managing a diverse range of far-flung businesses, a determination to succeed is what sets Khumic Co. employees apart.


    Challenge -- Employees' Essays Spur Entry into Organic Fertilizer 

    We are now the largest humic & fulvic manufacturer in China, we have set an aggressive target of RMB1 billion in worldwide sales for our humate products business in 2021.


    Khumic Co. employees are expected to ask themselves these five questions as they conduct business every day, to make sure their behavior is aligned with the Khumic global values.

    5 self-tests

    Am I communicating vision and moving forward with others?

    Am I proud to say I am involved in this work?

    Am I including the ideas and skills of a variety of people to create the best result?

    Am I taking responsibility for and caring intensely about what I am doing?

    Am I actively trying new things and pursuing innovative solutions?