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Khumic Iron-EDDHA Fe6% (4.8% o-o) also called chelated iron fertilizer, it is a kind of organic salt, it has extensive usage. Its appearance is red brown powder. Solubility:60g/L (20℃); PH:7.0-9.0 (1% water solution).
Iron EDDHA 6% is highly water-soluble, which is beneficial to plant absorption and fertilizer utilization, Iron EDDHA is beneficial to strengthen the resistance of crops and increase production and income.Gives a strong apical zone, free of chlorosis.
Its effect is much better than most iron-compound such as traditional ferrous oxide, ferrous sulfate, etc. Also, it is easier for absorbing than EDTA Fe. The EDDHA Fe is good for environment protecting.




Iron EDDHA Appearance


Water-solubility (dry basis) 100.0% 






1.8%  2.4%  3.0%  3.6%  4.2%  4.8%





Molecular weight



Functions & Benefit:

How the EDDHA Fe works on plants?
Eddha Iron chelation reaction can be applied to the soil PH value less than or equal to 9 below, can make the plants absorb up to 100%, making it greatly broadening the application range, SY 4001-7 Eddha Iron Chelate the dosage is only 1-5% of normal nutrition agent,fertilizer on soil without any negative effect, on the contrary 4.8 Eddha Iron can also fixed beneficial elements from the soil, reduce loss, is conducive to regulating acid and alkaline soil, prevent soil hardening.

Encountered bad weather during plant growth, soil and abiotic factors, or suffer from bacteria, fungi, viruses, nematodes, harmful microorganisms such as invasion, cause massive etiolation, plants are collectively referred to as yellow leaf disease, after the plant disease leaves become light green color, chlorophyll content decreased, photosynthetic rate and transpiration rate slower, affect plant growth, small plants.

Application Notes of Chelated Iron Eddha Fe 6% :
1. The spraying time should avoid high temperature and sunshine, and do not spray other iron fertilizer after spraying.
2.Eddha Iron Chelate is extremely soluble and absorbs moisture easily in the air, causing clumps, but it will not affect its quality.
3.Fe Eddha 6% works best when crops are not under moisture stress and are supplied with adequate major nutrients.
4.Fe Eddha 6% is most effective when applied at crop stages where demand for iron is most critical and when the crop is most responsive to iron applications.
5.The external color of iron EDDHA varies with its PH value and fineness, but it does not affect the internal quality of the product.


Direction for use:

1.Root Irrigation: Use moderate water to dissolve the EDDHA Fe. Dig 6-8 holes which are 15-20CM deep, put the EDDHA Fe solution in the hole and then bury the hole. 

2.Drip irrigation and flushing application method: regularly add to the irrigation water, flush with the water, the number of applications depends on the severity of iron deficiency, the appropriate amount increases or decreases, the dosage is 1-1.5kg per hectare.

3.Foliar spray: dilute with water 1000-3000 times and apply. Foliar spray is not recommended under strong sunlight and low rainfall.

4.Expert advice: fruit trees: apply twice in a fruiting cycle, once for the budding period of new leaves, and twice for the flower fall. The application rate per plant is 30 grams at a time, and the amount of topdressing fertilizer is halved; 1 gram of this product is added to 0.5 liters of water, and then applied to the root soil to make the roots evenly fertilized. Leguminous plants: apply twice in a fruiting cycle, once for the budding period of new leaves, and secondly for flower fall; once the application rate per hectare is 4.5-7.5 kg, the second top-dressing amount is halved, and 1 gram of this product is 0.5 Proportion of premium water, after dissolving the product completely with clean water, apply foliar spray.

5.Ornamental plants: refer to the usage and dosage of legumes, and apply it once during the budding period of new leaves.


10/20/25KG Paper Barrel; 1KG aluminum foil bag+1KG colorful printed box+20KG Carton.

5kg PE bag + 5kg Colorful printed box + 20kg Carton

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