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FulvicPlus aslo called super potassium humate, fulvic acid, potassium fulvate, potassium fulvic acid

Our OMRI certified organic fertilizer FULVICPLUS is made of natural young leonardite, processed through the unique anti flocculation technology, smaller molecular of fulvic acid, anti hard water to 21°DH (375ppm), completely soluble in hard water and acid condition, sailt concentration of soil was reduced greatly and the acidic soil or alkaline oil are hoth converted to neutral after using this product, more functional group as hydroxyl,carboxyl and phenolic hydroxyl, excellent performance on deflocculation.Which is very suitable for Drip Irrigation and Foliar spray.

potassium humate application
potassium humate application
potassium humate application



Typical Analysis      

Product Code: FULVICPLUS (super potassium humate, fulvic acid)

potassium humate powder Appearance Powder/Flakes

Water-solubility (dry basis)


Total Humic Extract (dry basis)


Fulvic acid (dry basis)


Potassium (K2O dry basis)


Anti Water Hardness

30°dh (534 ppm)




Functions & Benefit:

Fulvic acid benefits of increases root respiration and formation,enhance plant growth and yield

Humic fulvic acid can enhances pH buffering capacity

Enhances photosynthesis and respiration.

Fulvic acid for plants can increases cationic exchange.

An improvement in the transport of nutrients, making them available in the areas of need.

An increase in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, which will facilitate the action of enzymes formed with some amino acids and micro-nutrients.

The fulvic humic minerals can contributes to an increased exploitation of water by the plant.

Positive effect on plant DNA and RNA.

Increases enzyme activity.

Acts as catalyst in plant respiration/organic.

The humic and fulvic acid for plants can enhances cell division and cell elongation.

Increases drought tolerance and prevents wilting.

Detoxifies various pollutants.

Stimulates root development and increase plant growth 

Increases plant membrane permeability during Autumn and Winter.

Provides a food source for soil micro-organisms

Direction for use:

Soil /Drip Root Irrigation for Vegetables: 1kg-2kgs/acre at seedling stage, 3kgs-5kgs/acre at

plant growth stage, at least 3 times during crop cycle;

Soil /Drip Root Irrigation for Fruit tree: 12kg-24kgs/acre, 10-15 days each times, (please adjust

the usage quantity in plant growth stages);

Soil /Drip Root Irrigation for field-crop plants: 1kg-2kgs/acre;

Foliar application dilution ratio: 1:5000-8000 at seedling stage, 1:3000-5000 at plant growth stage (Foliar application can reduce pesticide residues when used with pesticides)


1KG/BAG, 5KGS/BAG, 10KGS/BAG, 25KGS/Kraft Paper Bag, or, customized packing is available

fulvic acid ship
fulvic acid Customizable packaging
potassium fulvic acid ship



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