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Do you know how to choose EDDHA-FE iron fertilizer?

May 26, 2021
Do you know the difference between liquid EDDHA-FE fertilizer and solid EDDHA-FE fertilizer?
Price: Liquid iron fertilizers are generally produced in European countries. Due to freight and labor costs, the price is generally much more expensive than solid iron fertilizers.
Effect: prevention and treatment of crop iron deficiency yellowing disease, suitable for acidic and alkaline (PH4-10) soils, high fertilizer efficiency, strong miscibility, enhanced photosynthesis, yellowing to green, enhanced photosynthesis, long-lasting effect, in alkali Soils with high soil properties and lime content are more effective.
how to choose EDDHA-FE iron fertilizer
Advantages of liquid fertilizer:
Rapid absorption: Compared with solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers are more easily absorbed by plants and have a high absorption and utilization rate.
Disadvantages of liquid fertilizer:
Price: Liquid fertilizers are usually more expensive than solid fertilizers, especially liquid fertilizers for foliar use are more expensive in the market.
Salinity: Due to the high salinity of liquid fertilizer, it is likely to cause damage to the application equipment. At the same time, under high temperature conditions, especially when using foliar fertilizer, excessive salinity may also cause burns to plant leaves.
Advantages of solid fertilizer:
The price is cheap, the effect is good, it is convenient to store, not easy to oxidize, it is suitable for soil with a wide pH value, and it is easily soluble in water.