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How to choose fulvic acid fertilizer

June 01, 2021

How to choose fulvic acid fertilizer? three things you need to know before choosing fulvic acid fertilizer

1.What is fulvic acid?

After reading the previous articles, I think everyone should have some understanding of fulvic acid. In fact, fulvic acid is the essence extracted from natural humus. It is soluble in alkali, acid and water. A group of substances with a small molecular weight.

how to choose fulvic acid

The processed potassium fulvic acid fertilizer is an efficient and pollution-free plant growth regulator, which can promote plant growth, improve plant resistance, increase production and improve quality. Used for spraying on crops, fulvic acid can resist cold and drought. Taking foliar spraying of wheat as an example, the average stomata opening can be reduced by about two-thirds, and fulvic acid can also increase the root vigor of the plant, prevent premature aging, increase the activity of various enzymes, and increase the chlorophyll content by more than 20%.

Fulvic acid used for foliage spraying on economic crops such as apples, grapes, peanuts, watermelon, tea, etc., fulvic acid can increase the sugar content by 2-4 degrees, decrease the acidity, and increase the VC, so it can improve the quality of the fruit. Used in cotton, fulvic acid can prevent and treat Verticillium wilt and increase the yield of cotton by 15-30%.

2.What are the advantages of fulvic acid compared to humic acid?

Take the mineral fulvic acid produced by Khumic as an example. Unlike biochemical fulvic acid, mineral fulvic acid can better stimulate microbial activity and is 100% organic. Compared with humic acid, the fulvic acid extracted from weathered lignite Acids have more complex aromatics and require higher preparation processes.

Fulvic acid is the smallest and most active component of humic acid, and it is the essence of humic acid's active ingredients. In the practical application of agricultural production, fulvic acid has the best stability.

Fulvic acid has the general characteristics of humic acid, and compared with humic acid, it is easier to be absorbed by plants, has a good complexing effect on metal ions, moves faster in plants, and has a strong stimulating effect; Organic substances are decomposed and then decomposed to produce small molecular weight, fully water-soluble organic aromatic substances, which also form the core substance of the soil aggregate structure.

3. How to choose Fulvic acid fertilizer?

In the current international market, although Khumic has both price and quality advantages, all kinds of raw materials in the domestic market are rising. The factory has improved the quality of FULVICPLUS products in order to improve competitiveness. From the perspective of use effect and price, FULVICPLUS flakes is currently the most It is cost-effective and is also a product that our Xinjiang factory vigorously supplies. In addition to improving the quality, in order to ensure the delivery time, the investment in production capacity has also been increased, and the annual output has been greatly improved.

FULVICPLUS is a blend of fulvic acid and humic acid. It can better balance the pH of the soil. The fulvic humic minerals can contributes to an increased exploitation of water by the plant.The humic and fulvic acid for plants can enhance cell division and cell elongation.

Therefore, in terms of effects and the current market, FULVICPLUS is also the most cost-effective and most worthwhile fulvic acid product.