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The relationship between humic acid and potassium

May 14, 2021

First of all, potassium humate (humic acid) is a kind of good organic potassium fertilizer, and humic acid combines very well with potassium ions. It is with high water solubility and high humic acid content, indicating that it can activate humic acid from the original mineral source.

The relationship between humic acid and potassium

Secondly, the main effects of humic acid on potash fertilizer as follows:

(A) Humic acid is a protective agent for potash fertilizer. The functional group of humic acid can absorb and store potassium ions in large quantities to prevent potassium from being lost with water in sandy soil and soil with strong leaching properties. Therefore, humic acid is a slow-release agent for quick-acting potassium fertilizer;

(B) Humic acid can increase the potassium uptake of plant roots, especially on rice.

(C) Potassium humate can also be well absorbed by plant leaves when sprayed on foliage. Furthermore, humic acid can activate the fixed potassium in the soil, and has a dissolution effect on potassium-containing minerals in the soil, thereby improving the effectiveness of potassium in soil.

In addition, humic acid has outstanding performance in repairing soil pollution, improving soil structure, enhancing plant resistance, and improving crop quality. It is good for soil, fertilizer, crops, and ecological environment. It has become the darling of products that conform to the times.