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How to distinguish the quality of humic acid fertilizer

January 21, 2021

Nowdays, more and more people use humic acid organic fertilizer, more and more factories produce organic fertilizer. Choosing the best quality organic fertilizer and manufacturer become extremely important for buyers and farmers. The quality of organic fertilizer can be generally measured by the following aspects:

(1) humic acid and fulvic acid has a great effect on improving soil porosity, creating a high living environment for microorganisms, and slow-release chemical fertilizers. Our fulvic acid and humic acid products contain a large amount of biochar, which can promote soil structure and improve fertilizer efficiency.

(2) Mineral fulvic acid is a 100% water-soluble substance with the smallest molecular weight and the most active groups. It can be absorbed by plants easily.

(3)Water-soluble is also an important indicator of organic fertilizer. The higher of the water solubility, the easier be absorbed by crops.

You can distinguish the quality of organic humic acid fertilizer by following operation:

Fill a bottle cap with organic ertilizer to be tested, pour it into an empty bottle, then pour 2/3 water into the bottle, tighten the cap and shake vigorously. After 10 minutes, shake again for another round, then let it stand for 6 -8 hours.

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