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Humic Acid is Effective In Flower Application

January 19, 2021

Flowers decorate our lives and are the "spiritual beautifier" given to us by nature. Let the humic acid "beauty factor" accentuate flowers and make life more beautiful. Humic acid, as an important component of soil humus, has significant application effects in flower cultivation. For example, humic acid raw material peat as the main component of the substrate is widely used in flower seedlings, transplanting, cuttings, and potting, which greatly promotes the development of the flower industry ; Humic acid have significant effects in promoting the growth and development of flowers, increasing flower output, regulating flowering period, prolonging the ornamental period, and improving ornamental properties. The application effects of humic acid on flowers are summarized as follows.

Humic Acid is Effective In Flower Application

1.Promote the growth and development of flowers

Humic acid potassium can promote the growth and development of flowers, mainly in promoting flower cutting rooting, root growth, biomass increase, plant height growth, leaf number and branch number increase, and bulbous flower root system increase.

2.Improve flower viewing quality

Humic acid can improve the ornamental quality of flowers, increase the number of flower branches and flower buds, increase the flower diameter, brighten the color, increase the flowering time, extend the flowering period, regulate the flowering period, and extend the life of fresh-cut vases.

3.Improve flower resistance

Humic acid can physiologically regulate the resistance of flowers to adverse environmental stresses, such as salt-alkali tolerance, low temperature, drought, and pests.

4.Improve economic traits, yield and intrinsic quality of flowers

In addition to ornamental value, flowers also have economic value. For example, sunflower seeds can be used to squeeze oil, red peony root and marigold can be used for medicinal purposes, and lilies can be used for edible and medicinal purposes. Humic acid water soluble can improve flowers. On the basis of ornamental traits, other economic traits, yield and internal quality can also be improved.