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What water -soluble fertilizer is used for tomatoes

November 17, 2022

When tomatoes enter the flowering period, the demand for nutrients will increase. If the nutritional supply is insufficient, the fruit of tomato fruit will develop poorly, produce malformed fruits, and the fruit differences are large.

Farmers should pay attention to the nutritional supply of tomato fruits, and do a good job of topdressing the tomato fruit period.

It is recommended to apply water -soluble fertilizers with high nutritional ingredients. For example, Amino acid are rich in plant growth regulators, natural biostimulants and soil conditioners, which can provide crops with abundant organic matter, amino acid and cytokinins and other substances . A variety of plant growth promoting substances such as amino acid can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops. It can promote root growth, flower bud differentiation, and enhance cold resistance, disease resistance and heat resistance of crops. So this amino acid water -soluble fertilizer is full of nutrients, long fertilizer efficiency, can cultivate fertilizer soil. The tomato shape is beautiful, the leaves are thick and shiny.

What water -soluble fertilizer is used for tomatoes

In addition, during the planting process, many farmers attach importance to the investment of a large amount of elements, and often ignore the supplement of trace elements. In response to the problems of insufficient trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, etc. in the soil, it is recommended that farmers spray the foliage fertilizer reasonably, recommend khumic aminomax or fulvicplus, Our factory is located in Xinjiang, the raw material base of humic acid with the best quality and highest activity in China. In addition containing high content of organic matter and biological activity, it also contain and 3% trace elements such as Zn+, B+, Se+, Mo+, N+, P+, K+, Ca+, Mg, S+, Fe+, etc. mainly because the medium -sized elements of water -soluble fertilizer and trace element water -soluble fertilizer can meet the needs of tomatoes for medium -sized elements to prevent it from preventing them. Crack fruit, enhance the toughness of tomato fruit

In spring, tomatoes grow strongly, water -soluble fertilizers should be used as "Small quantities in high frequency" as the principle.which will help farmers realize a big harvest.