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Can Amino Acids be applied on the agriculture production?

November 28, 2022
Can Amino Acids be applied on the agriculture production?
Amino acids are a kind of highly active small molecular substances obtained after protein hydrolysis, and are widely used in agriculture. Amino acid water-soluble fertilizer is based on plant-sourced or animal-sourced amino acids, and uses its huge surface activity and adsorption capacity to add large, medium and trace elements (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, Manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum, etc.), a compound product chelated by a special process, can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops through roots or leaves, which is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Amino acid water-soluble fertilizer has been widely used in agriculture and has become a conventional fertilizer product.
Amino acid molecules contain a variety of functional groups, which have a wide range of functions and have different effects on soil, crops and fertilizer synergies.
amino acid
Amino acid for soil:
It can improve soil, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, and improve retention capacity of water and fertilizer. Amino acid is a small molecular substance. After being applied to the soil, it can promote the activity of soil microorganisms and increase the number of beneficial microorganisms. The metabolites of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms such as organic acids and peptides can combine with the salinity in the soil to reduce the salinity. In addition, after the application of amino acids, there is no residue in the soil and crops, which is truly green and efficient.
Amino acid for crops:
Amino acids have a certain stimulating effect on crop growth and development, and can promote crop photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation. The growth and development of plants need to synthesize proteins, and the amino acids supplemented by exogenous sources can be used as precursors for protein synthesis. After applying amino acid water-soluble fertilizers, plants can directly absorb and utilize exogenous amino acids, reduce the energy consumption of amino acids synthesized in the body, achieve rapid growth, and promote early maturity. At the same time, the amino acid water-soluble fertilizer not only supplements one or several amino acids, but usually supplements more than a dozen types of amino acids, and different amino acids have different effects, which can greatly improve the quality of agricultural products. For example, the application of amino acid fertilizers in leafy vegetables can reduce the crude fiber of leafy vegetables; the application in flowers can prolong the flowering period and promote the bright colors of flowers; the application in fruit trees can improve the taste and flavor of fruits.
Amino acid for fertilizer synergies:
Amino acid itself is a stable chelating agent, which can chelate medium and trace elements that are easily fixed by the soil and be absorbed by plants as a whole. Compared with traditional inorganic trace element fertilizers, amino acid chelated trace element fertilizers have greater advantages Amino acids can promote the decomposition of mineral phosphorus, increase the content of effective phosphorus in the rhizosphere, and reduce phosphorus fixation; the acidic functional groups of amino acids can absorb and store potassium ions, preventing potassium ions from being lost with water in the soil, and amino acids can also promote The decomposition of mineral potassium element increases the content of available potassium in the soil.
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