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The efficacy of food and medical grade fulvic acid

November 27, 2020

The efficacy of food and pharmaceutical grade fulvic acid (FDA):

1.Is fulvic acid pharmaceutical /cosmetic/food grade derived from brown coal?

The efficacy of food and medical grade fulvic acid

Yes, Natural mineral source fulvic acid is extremely rare in nature, so, it will be very difficult & costly to extract fulvic acid from natural minerals. The content of natural mineral fulvic acid is higher, the effect will be much better! We are the only one factory/manufacturer with fulvic acid food garde unique production technology in China.

2.What is the potency of fulvic acid supplement?

Oral: adjust the body's acid-base balance, enhance immunity and anti-cancer ability, promote blood circulation, eliminate toxic metals in the body; promote liver metabolism, and enhance liver detoxification.

External use: anti-inflammatory, disinfection and hemostasis, treatment of common skin diseases. sun protection, Prevent aging and prolong life.

3.Do you use preservatives with this fulvic acid foods ?

Our food grade fulvic acid is purely physically extracted from Nature Minerals.It is purely refined in strict accordance with the medical and health requirements without any chemical additives.The content of our Fulvic acid is 99.5%min (on dry basis), contains more than 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements. which is one of the best quality in the worldwide.