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How to use humic acid fertilizer scientifically

November 30, 2020

How to use humic acid fertilizer scientifically?

1.Fully understand the humic acid fertilizer characteristics of humic acid and maximize the strengths and avoid weaknesses. Its advantages are to improve the soil, increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers, reduce diseases, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

How to use humic acid fertilizer scientifically

The best way to fertilize is to humic acid powder granule flakes with chemical fertilizer or use organic-inorganic compound fertilizer as base fertilizer, and liquid organic fertilizer as top dressing.

2.Pay attention to the phenological period of crop fertilization and the principle of balanced fertilization, so that the humic acid liquid fertilizer release curve is as close as possible to the crop demand curve to receive the best fertilizer effect.

3.Understand the reproductive growth and vegetative growth laws of specific crops, master the fertilization rhythm and fertilizer varieties, to achieve the effect of not only making the plants strong, but also harvesting more fruits.

4.Fertilization should not only focus on crops, but also focus on improving fertility, restoring and protecting the biodiversity of cultivated land. Specifically, it is to loosen the soil, earthworms (the iconic organisms grow up, the water content increases, and the root systems of crops develop. Therefore, the concept of fertilization must be broadened, such as microbial fertilizer, green manure, soil miscellaneous fertilizer, seaweed extract fertilizer... …With a reasonable combination of multiple varieties, you will be able to achieve good results with both a bumper harvest in the season and sustainable farming.

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