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Khumic EDDHA EDTA Chelated Micronutrients fertilizer Custom made mix trace elements

December 03, 2022

Khumic EDDHA FE6% ( iron fertilizer) EDTA Chelated Micronutrients fertilizer Custom made mix trace elements


Chelate trace elements Product series

EDDHA FE 6% Ortho ortho(O-O):1.2% 1.8%,2.4%,3.0%,3.6%,4.2%,4.8%

EDTA-Fe : 13.0%±0.3%

EDTA Zn 15%%±0.3%

EDTA Mn 13.0%±0.3%

EDTA -Mg 6%±0.3%

EDTA -Cu 15%±0.3%

EDTA -Ca 9.7%±0.3%


Boron 21%

Boron Humate , Boron Fulvate ,

Khumic EDDHA FE EDTA Chelated Micronutrients fertilizer Main Applications:

ideal for foliar spraying to nourish the plant

Chelate trace elements Product series

Plant growth needs a variety of trace elements. According to different soils, different plants, and different growth stages, different formula fertilizers should be adopted, composite trace element formula products, elements are chelated state,containing a variety of elements, uniform appearance, quickly dissolved, which can meet most customer .

You can also customize specific formula products for customers to meet the needs of specific crops .

Iron, Ca ,manganese, zinc, copper, Boron etc. are necessary trace elements for plant growth. They are different from constant elements. If the soil supply is insufficient, plants often occur in the plant, which affects the growth and development of plants and affects the yield and quality of the crops.

Custom Package

(1).25kgs net content in a kraft bag with PE liner

(2).1kg aluminum bag with or without the color box package, 20kgs/carton

(3).20/25kgs / drum

(4).1000kgs / Jumbo bag

Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co., LTD is the manufacturer of EDDHA EDTA Chelate trace elements, we also produce Humic & Fulvic acid based on leonardite, Seaweed extract from natural ascophyllum nodosum, Amino acids, should you have interest in learning more product details, kindly contact us,, Mobile/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86-15093239579