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Industrial Application of Khumic Sodium Humate (Oil Drilling)

March 02, 2021

Industrial-grade sodium humate is an important humate, which is prepared from weathered coal or lignite through harmless purification reaction. Industrial sodium humate can be used as cement water reducer, boiler scale inhibitor, drilling mud treatment agent, ceramic additive, brewing starter, briquettes binder, coal water slurry additive and lead storage battery expansion agent.

Industrial Oil Drilling Application of Khumic Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate Application of ceramic mud additives:

Adding sodium humate to ceramic mud, graphite abrasive materials, and enamel slurry can increase the strength of the green body by 80%, reduce the damage of semi-finished products, increase the plastic index by more than 40%, and it is easy to process and shape, and improve the mud mobility 50%, and can reduce glaze peeling, improve product output and quality. The effect is more obvious when used in high-grade ceramics such as thin-wall crafts, electric porcelain, sanitary porcelain, architectural porcelain and industrial ceramics.

Sodium Humate Application of oil drilling aids:

It is mainly used as a viscosity reducer for water-based drilling fluids, and also has a certain fluid loss reduction effect. Generally, 2~3% sodium humate is added to the drilling fluid to reduce the viscosity and shear force to general standards. At present, various oil fields may adopt modified and compounded humic acid products (such as humic acid + synthetic resin. The complex of humic acid and high-priced metals, etc.), the effect is very good.

Sodium Humate Industrial adhesive application:

The addition amount is generally 1%-6% of the raw coal amount. The binder, coal powder and water are mixed evenly, and can be extruded without being held by hand. If the mixture can be stacked for 24 hours and then formed, the strength of the briquette will be greater (the cold strength can reach more than 100 kg, and the hot strength can reach about 50 kg). In addition, the moisture content during mixing is controlled at about 16%.

Sodium humate has been used by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Chemical Industry, the Ministry of Petroleum, the Ministry of Railways and other scientific research and production departments in the following areas, especially as a ceramic additive, debonding agent, drilling mud regulator, industrial water stabilizer, cement water reducing agent, boiler Descaler, ore flotation agent, waste gas and wastewater treatment agent, coal water slurry admixture, coal briquette binder.