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Humic acid potassium fertilizer increasing the crop yields

March 04, 2021

Humic acid potassium fertilizer has a strong pertinence to field crops, oil crops, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Applying it to corn can improve the disease resistance, drought resistance and lodging resistance of corn, and increase the seed setting rate and thousand-grain weight.

Applying to tomatoes can increase tomato yield, increase tomato vitamin C content, sugar content and red pigment content.

Humic acid potassium fertilizer increasing the crop yields

Compared with the application of chemical fertilizers, the application of humic acid fertilizers and organic-inorganic compound fertilizers: general field grain and oil crops increase by about 8% to 20%, fruits, vegetables, and cash crops generally increase by about 15% to 35%.

Humic acid fertilizer is a slow-release agent of nitrogen fertilizer, a synergist of phosphate fertilizer, a quick-acting agent of potash fertilizer, and a chelating agent of micro-fertilizer.

Ding Jianing, College of Resources and Environment, Shanxi Agricultural University, etc., studied the effect of potassium humate fertilizer on soil bacterial diversity and nutrients. The results show that different amounts of humic acid potassium fertilizer can increase the content of soil organic matter, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, and total potassium to a certain extent, and the content of soil phosphorus and potassium nutrients is positively correlated with bacterial OTU.

Wang Yuhan, College of Resources and Environment, Huazhong Agricultural University, et al. studied the effects of potassium humate on the yield, physiological characteristics and nutrient utilization efficiency of Chinese cabbage. The results showed that potassium humate can increase the potassium content of pakchoi, the total potassium accumulation increased by up to 50.7%, and the nutrient absorption efficiency, nutrient partial productivity and nutrient dry matter efficiency were increased by 31.3%, 33.5% and 37.6%, respectively, and at the same time increased nitrogen, Phosphorus absorption efficiency is 55.6% and 40.0%.

Not only that, related studies have also shown that the compound fertilizer containing potassium humate active carrier has a potential of 14%-17% in increasing the yield of food crops, and the potential of "weight loss" exceeds 10%-30%. Under the same dosage conditions, the yield of this type of fertilizer can increase by 6%-30%, and the yield can still be increased by 4%-16% under the condition of a 20% reduction.