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What's the advantages of sodium humate feed additives

March 01, 2021

What's the advantages of sodium humate feed additives?

For animal feed additives, sodium humate will help reduce the absorption of harmful substances by intestinal mucosal cells, and at the same time reduce the content of heavy metals in protein and other harmful substances; stabilize intestinal bacteria

Group, stimulate the immune system and improve the growth of animals.

1) Provide the necessary sodium, which is an inorganic electrolyte for animal health and needs to maintain normal levels.

2) Balance beneficial bacteria like intestinal flora, promote feed absorption and conversion efficiency and increase body weight by at least 5%-15%;

3) Sodium humate can help to form mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract, it can prevent excessive loss of water through the protective membrane of the intestinal mucosa.

4) Humic acid has CEC. It can help absorb toxins and heavy metals before it can cause cell damage, thereby adsorbing them and excreting them from the body to avoid swelling tumor.

5) Intestinal peristalsis effect, organic acid can help the decomposition of the two carbohydrate and protein components of bacteria and virus particles, while promoting the spread of probiotic species.