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Humic fulvic acids and their usage amount on Crops

October 24, 2020

What is the correct using amount of humic acid and fulvic acid? Is the more humic acid used on the crop, the better? What are the effects of excessive use of humic acid? Firse of all, The leonardite material humic acids organc fertilizer is not like conventional chemical fertilizers, resulting in seedling burning.

Humic fulvic acids and their usage amount on Crops

For example,Will the humic and fulvic acid based compounds influence soybean yield and quality? Yes, because these compounds are believed to enhance root development. Root proliferation is a benefit from applications of humic and fulvic acids at low concentrations. These stimulatory effects also have been directly.However, use of these compounds at high concentrations also has been shown to decrease root and shoot growth . An increase in root fresh weight of horticultural crops when 2500 ppm. The humic acid was used the optimum concentration for corn was 5 ppm humic acid.

The leonardite humates products can protect seeds and enhance seedling growth . Lowes lawn fertilizer humic acid granule are commonly used in organic crop production, greenhouse cropping of vegetables, and inhorticultural programs. They also may have uses in large-scale production to improve seedling health and plant response to stress.

Many positive effects of humic acid water soluble such as humic and fulvic acids on plant growth and development but their effects appear to be dependent on several chemical and soil factors. Potassium humic acid is ideally suited for addition with granular fertilizers,such as Urea. With prominent effect to release the locked phosphate by some ion such as Fe3+,Al3+,also can slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to promote the function of NPK fertilizers.

Humic acid and fulvic acid are the most characteristic compounds of soil humic substances. Humic substances are formed through the microbial degradation of plant material and the brown to black substances are the primary constituents of soil organic matter.

Humic fulvic acid have the ability to hold seven times their volume in water, a greater water holding capacity than clay soils.

Humic acid compounds such as humic acid and fulvic acid have been shown to stimulate plant growth in terms of increasing plant height and dry or fresh weight as well as enhancing nutrient uptake. These effects seem to depend on the concentration and source of the substance and on the plant species.

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