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What is the application range of potassium fulvic acid

October 26, 2020

Fulvic acids are much smaller molecules than humic acids, ranging in molecular size from 1,000 to 10,000. They're soluble in water at all pH levels, unlike humic acids, which are only soluble in alkaline solutions.

The use of fulvic acid in agriculture is beneficial for many reasons. Its ability to promote better crop growth has made it a preferred component in soil composition. Higher quality humic and fulvic acids can maximize these benefits.

While these benefits seem innate, the extraction process plays a critical role in the substance’s success. At Khumic, we use a proprietary method to maximize nutrient transport, which ultimately increases crop growth and overall plant health. The use of fulvic acid in agriculture is a worthwhile practice—let us help you implement quality products into your application.

Agriculture application of potassium fulvate (fulvic acid):

Fulvic acid uses in agriculture benefit a wide array of businesses and industries. Nutrient-rich soil promotes better plant growth, which is why fertilizers and pre-packaged soil contains humic and fulvic acid in some form. The concentrated substance provides maximum nutrient delivery to the plant to encourage superior growth and viability. It’s no surprise that these products lend themselves well to the following environments and applications:

What is the application range of potassium fulvic acid?

What is the application range of potassium fulvic acid

Broadacre Field and Specialty Farming


Lawns and Golf Courses

Urban and Home Gardens

Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Aeroponics

Blends (Fertilizers, Hydroseeding Slurries, Packaged Soils, etc.)

The benefits of using fulvic acid:

Soil enhancement is a fundamental agricultural practice. The goal is to create the most promising environment for crops to flourish—the more you optimize the soil, the better your results. One of the most effective additives you can incorporate is humic and fulvic acid.

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