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Humic Fulvic Acid Plan An Important Role In Modern Agriculture

October 22, 2020

Humic fulvic acid plan an important role in modern agriculture, why?

Have you ever had a similar problem:

Is your crop fruit is sparse and small? Is the land dry on your side? ect.

As we know, fertilizer play a vital role in the agricultural production. The increase in chemical fertilizers and crop yields are seriously out of balance, have you ever wondered why?

People use much traditional chemical fertilizer, thus, the soil pH imbalance, harden seriously, and the fertilizer effect cannot be fully released and utilized, so many bad effects on our soil and crop.

Potassium fulvate fulvic acid can hepe you.

Humic Fulvic Acid could balance soil PH, break soil compaction, and fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus and potassium, and generally increase fertilizer utilization.

Khumic humic acid is from mineral source, no absorb mositure, high activity, could help you ameliorate your soil and improve crop yield, crop quality.

Fulvic acid is the core material of soil aggregate structure.

Fulvic acid contains carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl and other functional groups, has strong complexation, chelation and surface adsorption capacity, can reduce the loss of ammonium nitrogen; increase the movement distance of phosphorus in the soil, inhibit the fixation of water-soluble phosphorus in the soil, transform the ineffective phosphorus into available phosphorus, and promote the absorption of phosphorus by roots; fulvic acid can absorb and store potassium ions, improve the content of available potassium, especially for potassium fertilizer The efficiency is especially obvious.