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Potassium fulvic acid can effectively adjust the soil PH

October 20, 2020

Are you like many of our farm customers , who is in urgent need to improve the soil quality? Both acid soil and aline soil all will greatly affect the growth of some cash crops. Leonardite Fulvic acid can be dissolved in strong alkali solution and strong acid solution. Let us discuss the soil problems , then discuss the ways to resolve.

The negative effects on crops of higher PH--saline soil:

The availability of soil nutrients is reduced, soil structure is destroyed, soil microbial activities are inhibited, and crop growth and germination are affected.

The negative effects on crops of lower PH--acid soil:

Affect the absorption of water and nutrients by the root system, and the trace elements will also be reduced or become ineffective, resulting in malnutrition of crops; serious soil compaction, reducing crop yields.

Potassium fulvic acid can effectively adjust the soil PH

How is your soil PH value, higher or lower?

Don’t worry about it.

Fulvic Humic Acid, a new kind fertilizer, could help you solve these problems.

In the practical application of agricultural production, Potassium Fulvate (potassium fulvic acid) has the best stability.

Check the following, why?

Answer: Our fulvic acid contains multiple functional groups, which can be dissolved in strong acid and alkali, and finally achieve the effect of adjusting soil pH. In other words, it can regulate both acidic soil and alkaline soil to a best PH value.

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