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Humic acid is different from compost and fertilizer

January 18, 2021

Why we said humic acid is different from compost and fertilizer? First of all, we need know about the action principle of them.


Compost is fresh, decomposing organic matter. It provides a rich food source for soil microorganisms, which in turn improve overall soil health. However, compost is not the same thing as humus. The humus including humic acid and fulvic acid. Compost contains some humus, but compost is generally much younger than humus, which is itself much older and is resistant to further decay. So implementing compost as a source of humus would not be the most beneficial route to take. Rather, compost should be used primarily as a “food source” for the soil, whereas fertilizer is a food source for the plant. And humus is best sourced from older, richer sources—referred to as humates—which formed over thousands or millions of years.


A fertilizer is any material that is added to soil or plants as a nutrient. Strictly speaking, humic acids are not fertilizers. Rather, they are often referred to as soil amendments, or more recently as biostimulants, because of their ability to improve water retention, nutrient absorption, soil structure, and much more.

Humic acid is different from compost and fertilizer

What is humic acid?

Humic acids are fully decomposed remains of organic life. They're long-chain molecules that are high in weight and dark brown in color. They are not a single acid. Rather, "humic acid" is a broad term that refers to a complex mixture of many different acids that are soluble in alkaline solutions. They exist naturally as part of nature's life cycle in soils, oceans, and streams.

Natural and organic fertilizer humic acid differ from chemical ones in that they feed your plants and at the same time saturate the soil. Soils with a large amount of organic material remain free and airy, retain more moisture and nutrients, promote the growth of soil organisms and contribute to a more healthy development of plant roots. Organic fertilizers are characterized by a slow mild effect. Therefore, their effect on the soil is extended for a longer period.

If we add only chemical fertilizers , the soil gradually loses its organic matter and microbiological activity. As this material is consumed, the soil structure deteriorates, becomes compact, lifeless and unable to retain water and nutrients.

Our company offers the natural way to feed your soil , suggesting not just an extraction of some separate component for fertilizing your soil, but the whole product in that pristine form in which using the best high activity young leonardite as raw materials.

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