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The application of Khumic FulvicMax Fulvic Acid on Rose Apples

June 22, 2021

A: I am a farmer of Rose Apples near the sea in Oman, I have 50 hectare, here is a high salt content in soil, the PH is higher 7.5-9.0, the yield of my rose apples is very low, can I know if you have one product can help improve this situation?

B: As we all know the best suitable growth condition for crops is netural PH 6.5-7.5, according to your mentioned condition, you should find one product to adjust the soil PH, we are the largest factory of soil conditioner Humic & Fulvic Acid, I recommend you our FULVICMAX, which have following features and benefits:

Khumic FulvicMax Fulvic Acid on Rose Apples


-100% nature minerals fulvic acid -100% soluble humic fulvic acid

-unique anti flocculation technology -anti hard water 445ppm

-completely soluble in acid and alkali condition PH 1.5-14 -smaller molecule weight, quick absorption by plant

-suitable for water soluble fertilizer, foliar fertilizers


Improves soil structure

improving saline alkali soil, the acidic soil or alkaline oil are both converted to neutral, which is best suitable for plant growth

enhance plant growth and yield

enhances PH buffering capacity

increases root respiration and formation,

increases cationic exchange

Increases nutrient exchange and retention

Improves nutrient absorption

can increase in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, which will facilitate the action of enzymes formed with some amino acids and micro-nutrients

contributes to an increased exploitation of water by the plant

increases enzyme activity

enhances photosynthesis and respiration

Improves seed germination

positive effect on plant DNA and RNA

acts as catalyst in plant respiration/organic

Increases stress tolerance

detoxifies various pollutants

stimulates root development and increase plant growth hormones

increases plant membrane permeability during autumn and winter

provides a food source for soil micro-organisms

So, you can see, our FulvicMax can help you solve your problem, increase your yield, and improve quality.

A: Wow, it looks a very good products, but Oman Government only permits farmers use Organic fertilizer, is your FulvicMax is organic fertilizer?

B: Yes, our products is extracted from best young natural leonardite, it is formed by the plant after millions of years of microorganism decomposition, meanwhile, our products have been certified by USA OMRI.

A: It is great. Besides FulvicMax, what other products you can recommend to us to solve our problems?

B: You also can consider our base fertilizer KFULVIC AG, KHUMIC AG, KHUMIC N+, KHUMIC NK, FertiPlus, etc, or our Foliar fertilizer, KHUMIC-100, FulvicPlus.

A: Can I use Amino Acid, Seaweed Extract together with your FulvicMax?

B: Yes, Amino Acid can provide plants growth needed Amino Acid, which is the important part of Protein, meanwhile can be absorbed by plants quickly, Seaweed Extract is the biostimulant, can improve the crops growth.

A: Very nice, one question, how can I use your FulvicMax?

B: Normally, it is see tree size, 30-50g each tree, interval 10-15 days, 4-6 times during the whole growth crycle, mixing FulvicMax with water, then foliar spraying, water flushing, or drip irrigation.

A: Thank you very much.

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