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Amino Acid

Amino Acid

The Amino Acid 80%min is plant resources and free of Cl. It is 100% soluble and rich in 18 kinds of amino acids.
a)Directly absorbed by leaves and suppliers organic nitrogen to plants, increases the yield.
b)Increases crude protein contents in grain of food crops, improve quality.
Increase soluble sugar and protein contents in vegetable of green leave

Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Shengda Khumic Biotechnology Co., Ltd.



Product Code: KH-AM80

amino acid powder packing  Appearance Powder
Total Amino Acid 80.0% min
 Organic Nitrogen 14.0% 
Water Solubility 100%
Moisture 5.0% max
Cl- N/M
Heavy metal 2ppm max


Functions & Benefit:

Promote plant to resist environment stress( drought, hot or cold temperature, transplanting stress etc.) and promote the ability to anti-disease.

Increase the organic nitrogen content in soil, stimulate plant growth, increase the yield and quality.

Promote the growth of the root and regenerate the damaged root.

Improve the structure of the soil; increase the buffering power of the soil.

Neutralize both the acid and alkaline soil; regulate the pH-value of the soil.

Increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and reduce nutrient leaching and protect the groundwater.

Increase the effectiveness of the herbicide, pesticide and fungicide, immobilize or reduce their harmful residues.

Support the plant with needed amino acids and peptides and save the biological energy required for their synthesis.

Direction for use:


Foliar Application: Dilute it with water for 500-1000times, 2-3 times per period.

Drip Irragation Application:

Dillute it with water for 300-800 times, 4-5 times per period.

Package: Kraft Paper Bag or Plastic Woven, OEM is acceptable. 
amino acid packing
amino acid packing



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