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Super Potassium Humate Crystal/Powder/Granular/Shiny Flakes

January 10, 2020

China's top rated company agro biochemicals always manufacture, We manufacture and supply a varied range of super potassium humate 95% 80% 70% crystal/powder/granular/shiny flakes. Our range is valued for high quality and great performance. Our production is based on the believe of customers. we supply the finest range to all our clients.

Potassium humate powder offered is potassium salt of humic acid and is developed from high grade leonardite that comes with all benefits from humic acid and is highly supportive to the cause of soil and to plant enrichment. It helps in form of supporting soil conditioning , helps in nutrients uptake as well as supports natural growth of the plant. We can offer it is different packaging options as demanded by the customers.

Super Potassium Humate Crystal/Powder/Granular/Shiny Flakes

Potassium humate flakes encourages the release of enzymes of plants and also increases growth of desirable yeast, algae and other micro-organisms.

Potassium humate granular crystal offered is the crystallized form of Potassium Humate that contains Fulvic acid as well as all essential minerals rich in oxines as well as other growth supportive hormones. These crystals are made available by us in black or brown formations and are easily dissolved into water thus providing for easy usage. These can be used in all foliar fertilizers and also improves soil physical property and water holding capacity.

Potassium Humate & Humic Acid plant growth management products that stimulate the plant to produce its own beneficial hormones naturally. By enhancing nutrient uptake and hormone production through your plants roots or leaves, Potassium Humate products help increase flowering, budding, fruit set, fruit size and maturity. This helps you deliver improved crop quality and yields, resulting in more uniform maturity and consistent size.