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what is the fulvic acid food grade

March 29, 2021

What's the fulvic acid food grade?

Fulvic acid is a complex black organic acid that is naturally produced. Fulvic acid has the characteristics of low molecular weight and high biological activity, has good solubility and fluidity, and can stick and fuse minerals and elements into its molecular structure. Fulvic acid itself has more than 70 kinds of minerals and trace elements, which is necessary for the healthy growth of animals and plants. For the extraction of fulvic acid, the higher the content of extracted fulvic acid (mineral source), the better the effect. Fulvic acid is the essence of humic acid and the best organic acid in nature. It has the smallest molecular weight and many active functional groups. It is soluble in acid, alkali and water, and is most easily absorbed and utilized.

Food and Medical Grade Fulvic Acid Efficacy:

*Promote blood circulation and accelerate wound healing

*Supply beneficial mineral elements in the body and remove heavy metals in the body

*Promote liver metabolism and balance liver function

*Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, very significant for acute and chronic inflammation

*Anti-viral, has a good effect on viral influenza

*Anti-ulcer, hemostasis, treatment of diabetic complications and diarrhea, etc.

*Fulvic acid mask, facial cleanser, beauty and anti-acne effects

*Enhance immunity and anti-cancer effect. Fulvic acid can regulate the immune function of the human body. Infusion of fulvic acid to cancer patients can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and relieve pain, etc.