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Khumic fulvic acid anti-flocculation testing

March 31, 2021

Determination of the anti-flocculation ability of anti-calcium magnesium potassium fulvate (fulvic acid)

Shengda Khumic produce potassium fulvate(fulvic acid:30-40% and 50-60%)

Purpose: Test Khumic 30-40% Fulvic acid anti-hard water and anti-flocculation effect testing

Material: 5g mineral potassium fulvate (super potassium humate), 5g sodium humate (other manufacturers), two beakers, measuring cylinder

Test results: respectively soluble in 200ml of groundwater, brown, completely soluble in water, no impurities, no flocculation.

Let stand for 1 hour, potassium fulvate has no impurities, no flocculation, sodium humate has no impurities, slightly flocculation;

Leave it for 3 hours, the potassium fulvate has no impurities and no flocculation. Sodium humate has impurities and flocculation;(fulvic acid 1)

Khumic fulvic acid anti-flocculation testing

After standing overnight, potassium fulvate has no impurities and no flocculation. Sodium humate has impurities and flocculation.(fulvic acid 2)

Khumic fulvic acid anti-flocculation testing

The application of humic acid and fulvic acid water-soluble fertilizer in agricultural production has a practical problem that is difficult to solve, that is, the flocculation problem of calcium and magnesium on humic acid. Because humic acid is not resistant to divalent ions, it encounters ionic Ca/Mg/ Divalent cations such as Cu/Fa/Zn/Mn, which combine with the carboxyl group COOH- of HA to form a bivalent salt of HA and flocculate! Especially for sodium humate, flocculation is faster and more obvious, followed by potassium humate, which has a certain resistance to calcium and magnesium, but its application range is also very limited. It can be adapted to smaller surface water, but for higher hard water (> The water quality of 60 mg/l), in a short time, potassium humate can flocculate and sediment, which is difficult for crops to absorb and utilize, which seriously affects the use effect of the product.

Therefore, our company has developed potassium fulvic acid (30-40% fulvic acid and 50-60% fulvic acid, the higher the fulvic acid content, the better the anti-flocculation effect) that is specifically resistant to high hard water!

The agricultural fulvic acid developed by us, we focus on the modification treatment of fulvic acid, degrade molecular weight, increase sulfonic acid group, and improve the resistance to hard water up to 200 mg/l. It is a water-soluble fertilizer for mineral-source humic acid (including foliar Fertilizer/Drip Fertilizer/Flushing Fertilizer, etc.), developed a modified agricultural fulvic acid resistant to high hard water, which is a barrier to the global application of humic acid water-soluble fertilizer under high hard water quality, opening a new way!