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What's the effect of potassium humate fertilizer on soil

January 08, 2021

What's the effect of potassium humate fertilizer on soil?

1) It can improve soil physical characteristics, improve soil aggregate structure, reduce soil compactness, and achieve good conditions;

2) Increase the cation exchange capacity and fertilizer retention capacity of the soil to absorb and exchange plant nutrients, improve the slow-acting effect of fertilizer, and increase the soil's fertilizer and water retention capacity;

3) Activities to provide beneficial soil microorganisms;

4) Promote the decomposition of man-made (such as pesticides) or natural toxic substances and their effects;

5) Increase the slow balance capacity of the soil and neutralize the soil PH;

6) The color black helps to absorb heat and plant early spring;

7) Directly affect cell metabolism, improve crop respiration and photosynthesis, and enhance crop resistance to stress, such as drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, etc.;

8) Release the nutrients needed by plants after decomposition

9) Strengthen roots and increase yield, improve crop quality and increase the sweetness of melons and fruits