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Are Humic Acid good for the garden

January 12, 2021

Are humic acid good for the garden? Humic acid are being promoted as important organic material that should be added to gardens to improve soil health. All gardeners have heard of humic acid, that friable, black gold that we all wish we had.

What Is Humic Acid?

Humic Acid (HA for short) is the remains of animals and plants, mainly plant remains, after the decomposition and transformation of microorganisms, as well as a series of complex geochemical reaction processes and accumulation of a type of organic matter. It is a macromolecular organic acid composed of aromatics and various functional groups. It has good physiological activity and functions such as absorption, complexation and exchange. The main elements of humic acid are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur, and it is a condensation polymer of polyvalent phenolic aromatic compounds and nitrogen compounds.

Are Humic Acid good for the garden

It is widely distributed in low-grade coal, soil, water sediments, animal manure, organic fertilizer, animal and plant residues, etc. The soil we often see is black, because it contains potassium humic acid (soil with no or less humic acid is yellow) and the highest humic acid content in low-grade coal (weathered coal, lignite, peat) (30~ 80%), followed by organic compost (about 5-20%). Artificial oxidation of coal (such as treatment with air, ozone or nitric acid) can form renewable humic acid

According to the solubility and color classification in solvents, it can be divided into three components:

The part soluble in acetone or ethanol is called palm humic acid;

The part insoluble in acetone is called black humic acid;

The part soluble in water or dilute acid is called fulvic acid.

The Benefits of Humic acid:

There is no doubt that humic acid in soil play a very important role, like

Enhance the growth of soil microbes

Help retain water and chelate nutrients

Improve compaction and porosity

Mitigate stress from pollutants and salts

Improve plant growth

For these reason we are starting to promote the idea of using commercial humic substances as organic fertilizers for building soil health.

Now we Khumic are using best young leonardite to produce following water soluble humic acid, humic acid powder, flakes, granules; fulvic acid (Potassium Fulvate) powder, flakes, granules, it fulvic acid is the essence of humic acid, it can provide more help for gardeners.

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