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Why humic acid is necessary for your plants or fruit tree

September 04, 2020

What is the economic benefit of your orchard? Are the fruit trees lush? is your lawn always falling victim to pests or diseases? More than likely, your soil is the root of the problem. Organic fertilizer humic acid is something that can help you get better.

Humic acid: a dark humic substance that is is suitable for neutral and alkaline soils or solutions with pH 7-14, and is insoluble in acid; Humic acid may remain for centuries in undisturbed soil.

Fulvic acid: black powder or flakes that is Suitable for acidic and alkaline soils or solutions with PH 2-14 and is of low molecular weight and is of smaller molecular weight than humic acid.

Humin: a black humic substance that is not soluble in water at any pH, has a high molecular weight, and is never found in base-extracted liquid humic acid products.

Why humic acid is necessary for your plants or fruit tree

What is humic acid?-soil conditioner.

Before know about it, do you know the "Humus"?

Humus including as following:

Basically, humic acid is the main component of the organic parts of the soil, such as humus, peat, coal and other materials. Humus is decomposed plant material in the soil that was broken down by microbes. While the specific content of humic acid will vary based on its source, it’s basically composed of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur.

What is the benifits of humic acid for your plants?

Humic acid is nutrient rich, making it a good fertilizer for your plants. It improves nutrient uptake by your plant’s roots, drought tolerance and even increases chlorophyll production.

Humic acid from leonardite can help improve soil texture and water retention. Applying humic acid to clay soils can help loosen them, allowing for better water and air penetration. In turn, plant roots are better able to develop and take up nutrients. When we’re trying to manage water more efficiently in our landscapes, it’s important to do whatever we can to waste less! Humic acid can help plants stay watered properly through our extreme summers.