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Where to buy humic acid fulvic acid

August 27, 2020
When you shop around for humic substances, either online or in well-sorted garden stores, you can find various forms of them in different concentrations. 
It can be a good idea if you buy them in Khumic Co. - The Largest Humic & Fulvic Products Factory In China where you can have Professional Technical staff advise you what type would be best. How to supplementing your plants with humic and fulvic acids? and tell you how did it benefit your grow?
As a rule, applying acid humic substances frequently but in smaller doses is recommended over giving them less frequent but in larger doses.
where to buy humic acid fulvic acid
How to apply humic acid and fulvic acid? Let our Professional Technical staff tell you.
When you grow in soil, you can add liquid or dry humic acid that is diluted with water. You can feed it directly to the soil. This is the recommended application method for clones or seedlings. It can also be beneficial if you supplement your seeds with humic acids prior to germination.
For foliar sprays, humic acid powder or liquid can be diluted with water. You spray the solution liberally on the plant leaves. Applying fulvic acid as a foliar spray has another, curious benefit that is still not entirely understood: It can substitute sunlight. When it is overcast for a longer time period, a foliar application with fulvic acid can make photosynthesis continue despite less than optimal weather conditions. Parks and golf courses are already taking advantage of this effect to rejuvenate and green-up areas that are shaded. Fulvic acid  (potassium fulvic acid or potassium fulvate)has big potential to provide its benefits for many different types of plants and crops.
What is the differentce between humic acid and fulvic acid?
A simple explanation of the both can be that humic acid helps soil health and general growth while fulvic acid (which is extracted from humic acid) acts as a fertilizer booster.