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Congratulations on new research results of NPK compound fertilizer

April 12, 2022

Congratulations on Khumic research team the new research results , the test subject is the effect of organic fertilizer NPK compound "fertiplus" (also called humic amino shiny ball) on rice growth and yield.

The experimental field is an old rice field in Heilongjiang Province, China. The soil type is Meadow Lime. The organic matter content is 58.7g/kg, and the soil pH value is 5.5. The content of alkaline hydrolyzed nitrogen is 267.4 mg/kg. The available phosphorus content is 27.5mg/kg. The content of available potassium is 173.0mg/kg.

new research results of NPK compound fertilizer

The test adopts the large-area comparison method. Seedlings 3.1-3.5. Leaf age transplanting, transplanting size 30cm × 12cm. 5-7 seedlings per hole.

Treatment T1 (control, conventional fertilization): the first application of basal fertilizer for rice was 66kg/hm2 of urea, 120kg/hm2 of diammonium phosphate, and 82.5kg/hm2 of potassium sulfate; 66kg of urea was applied to tillering hectares. Adjust the fertilizer hectares and apply 30kg of urea. 45kg of urea and 30kg of potassium chloride per hectare of ear fertilizer.

Treatment T2 (application of Npk amino acid compound): Khumic Npk amino acid compound, 15kg of urea, 75kg of diammonium phosphate, 15kg of potassium sulfate, mixed application for the first fertilization per hectare, the second and third fertilization were applied according to the original method , no longer use organic fertilizers.

new research results of NPK compound fertilizer

It can be seen from Table 1 that the effects of different treatments on the process of leaf age are small. From the beginning of transplanting, the leaf age of each treatment was tracked and investigated, and the leaf age process of T2 treated with organic NPK compound fertilizer was slightly faster. It can be seen from Table 2 that the two treatments, T1 and T2, had a greater effect on tillering. T2 has strong tillering ability, fast tillering speed and many tillers. T1 treatment significantly more tillers than conventional treatment T1.

new research results of NPK compound fertilizer

It can be seen from Table 3 that different treatments have a greater impact on yield and yield composition indicators. Compared with T1, the plant height decreased by 2.3 cm and the ear length increased by 2.2 cm. The number of effective ears per square meter increased by 4 ears, the number of grains per ear increased by 2.2, and the 1000-grain weight increased by 0.9g. The seed setting rate increased by 0.4 percentage points. The yield per hectare increased by 782.3kg, with an increase rate of 8.52%.

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