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How often should we use EDDHA-FE for our plants?

June 17, 2022

EDDHA FE6% Chelated iron means the iron is “captured” by a chemical called a chelate that protects it. As long as the iron is protected, it can be used by the plants.


Timing or when to apply the chelated iron, is critical depending on the method.

- Chelated iron must be applied to soils in the very early spring before, or as new growth is emerging.

- At this time of year or any time after early spring, chelated iron must be sprayed on the leaves to be effective. Applying it to the soil will not work.

The most effective chelated iron to apply to soils contains the chelated “EDDHA” in the ingredients. The more EDDHA iron on the label, the more effective it is.

As EDDHA-FE can be observed on the graph, the application of EDDHA FE is effective against ferric chlorosis. 90 days after the start of the trial, the percentage of ferric chlorosis in the control plot was 84.6%, while in the plot treated with EDDHA FE was 7.3%. Therefore, the treatment of Fe EDDHA reduced the percentage of ferric chlorosis in a 77.3%.

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