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Why our body need Khumic Food grade fulvic acid

November 23, 2020

Some of us might are taking a multi-vitamin as a supplement, if you have grab the bottle and read the contents carefully, you might find they only exist 5 to 10 content, very few minerals. By comparision, our Khumic food grade fulvic acid include minerals more than 70 types, include minerals and trace elements!

Why our body need Khumic Food grade fulvic acid

Absorption of minerals can vary according to their form. Our Khumic organic fulvic acid come from million years old leonardite, they are the essence with very small molecular , just as an ant can carry four times its weight, fulvic acid supplement is so powerful that one single molecule is capable of carrying more than 60 times its weight in minerals and trace elements into the cells.

The greater the fulvic acid content, the greater the absorption of minerals and other nutrients. Our fulvic acid concentrate content is high to 99.97%, because it has very small molecular, it is very easy to absorb, with the time going, more and more people realize our body need best fulvic acid supplement  to strengthen.