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When to use humic acid

February 04, 2021

Our customers from different countries have some doubts about the use and benefits of humic acid. We will answer different questions one after another. Today’s answer to "When to use humic acid", any comments please leave a message.

1. If the soil is acidified or in saline-alkali land, humic acid can be used to adjust the acid-base to create a good growth environment for crop roots.

2. After excessive use of chemical fertilizers, soil salinization, compaction, and lack of organic matter, humic acid can be used to reduce soil conductivity and reduce free salt in the soil.

When to use humic acid

3. The effect is not ideal after using biological inoculants. Biological bacteria can be combined with humic acid. Humic acid fertilizer can provide carbon source for biological bacteria, increase the reproduction speed and number of beneficial bacteria, and make biological inoculants more effective.

4. The ground temperature is low, especially in winter, because potassium nitrate will reduce the water temperature after being dissolved in water. Adding organic fertilizer humic acid to the fertilizer can alleviate the adverse effects of low temperature on the root system. In addition, the color of the ground surface is darker after acid humic is applied, which makes it easier to absorb sunlight, which is beneficial to increase the ground temperature.

5. Before the arrival of the dry and rainy seasons, the use of humic acid will reduce the field losses after droughts and floods to a certain extent.

6. If root growth or premature senescence is caused by any of the above reasons, humic acid should be used. Humic acid can promote the growth of capillary roots of crops.

7. The most important ponits: Humic acid must be used for crops that need to pursue color and surface finish! Because humic acid can promote the synthesis of wax, cutin and lignin on the surface of crops.

8. For crops that need swelling, humic acid potassium must be used! Humic acid can increase the number of cells in the swelling part and increase the cell volume at the same time.

9. For crops that are weak and need rapid recovery, humic acid must be used!

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