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The main function of feed sodium humate

January 04, 2021

When humic acid is used as a feed additive, the product used is mostly sodium humate. Sodium humate is the product of the reaction of humic acid and sodium hydroxide. The high-quality sodium humate is jet-black, shining, indefinite shape particles with beautiful luster.

What is feed sodium humate?

Sodium humate used in feed is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, easily soluble in water, and chemically refined from high-quality, low-calcium and low-magnesium weathered coal containing natural humic acid with multiple functions Macromolecular organic weak sodium salt.

Feed sodium humate has higher purity and less toxins. It can be 100% completely soluble in water, can be used as feed additives for animal food, can also be made into granular adhesives, and can also be soluble in water to make animal beverages. As a feed additive. Sodium humate forms a protective film on the intestinal mucosal cells. This protection reduces the absorption of toxic substances.

The role of feed sodium humate

1. Sodium humate animal feed can form a protective film on animal intestinal mucosal cells. This protection reduces the animal's absorption of toxic substances, because they may be a subsequent reaction caused by the infection process or the residue of animal feed in the intestine.

2. Sodium humate also has the ability to absorb toxins from protein, toxic residues and various heavy metals. Can stabilize the intestinal flora. Fix microorganisms, toxins and harmful substances in animal feed. Promote growth and stimulate the immune system.

3. Provide the necessary sodium, which is an inorganic electrolyte needed for animal health and maintaining good levels. At least 5%-15% sodium humate helps to form a protective film on the inner wall of the gastrointestinal mucosa to prevent excessive water loss through the intestine.

4. Humic acid has CEC, which can absorb toxins and heavy metals before they cause cell damage, thereby expelling them from the body and avoiding tumors.

5. Sodium humate can enhance the biological effects of the intestinal tract. Organic acids can assist in the decomposition of carbohydrate and protein components of bacteria and virus particles, and support the proliferation of beneficial probiotic species.

The function of sodium humate in feed is mainly to promote the activation and absorption of feed ingredients by animals, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, enhance humoral immunity, affect endocrine and cause calm and lethargy of the carcass. At the same time, sodium humate also promotes wound healing . In daily breeding, sodium humate is most widely used in the feed of pigs and chickens, especially in summer, the drinking water of chickens and pigs will increase greatly, resulting in thin stools and even indigestion and intestinal inflammation. Sodium humate has astringent The antidiarrheal effect can prevent the occurrence of these diseases.