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Potassium humate can increase the corn yield and quality

December 31, 2020

Why potassium humate is better for corn? At first, follows us to see some influences factors on corns. The Corn is a crop that can develop smoothly on virtually any soil. However, depending on the characteristics of each soil, parameters such as the planting date and work to be performed may vary. Hence the importance of knowing the ground where you go to work.

Potassium humate can increase the corn yield and quality

The quality of the corn grain may be affected during its phenological stages, by different factors such as nutrition, diseases and pests.

Khumic is a professional manufacturer of humic acid & fulvic acid products which can improve the structure of soil and ncrease the buffering power of soil. The organic fertilizer potassium humate flakes powder can stimulate corn growth, increase the yield and quality.

The damage you present will be easily visible, making this affect your marketing, use and processing. These anomalies throughout the grain, or in some parts thereof, are external or internal disturbances that result from different variations and affect their coverage or chemistry.Humic fulvic products increase the effectiveness of herbicide pesticide and fungicide, immobilize or reduce their harmful residues.

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