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Organic granular fertilizer used for grapes

October 20, 2022

Is the effect of organic granular fertilizer on grapes so obvious?

China and some countries strictly restricted the export of NPK compound fertilizers from this year, and promoting the export of organic fertilizers. As you can see, the production and usage of NPK fertilizers are gradually reducing around the world, and organic fertilizers are bound to become the mainstream of the fertilizer market in the future.

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As you know, long-term use of synthetic fertilizers can exacerbate soil compaction, acidification and salinization. As natural biostimulants and soil conditioners, humic acid and fulvic acid can be used together with NPK compound fertilizer, to promote the absorption and utilization of NPK by crops, reduce the usage of NPK compound fertilizer by 30-50%, the fertilization cost of per hectare is around $100.

At the same time, humic acid and fulvic acid can promote the growth of crop roots, stems, leaves and fruits, promote crops flowering and fruiting, prevent flower and fruit drop, promote fruit expansion, increase fruit sugar and yield, maximize yield per plant, and increase yield per hectare 30-40%.

Organic granular fertilizer mixing with NPK compound fertilizer for fertilization of grapes in autumn can help grapes resist low temperature in winter, improve the survival rate of plants over winter. And store the organic matter energy for the growth of grapes in the spring of the second year.

Organic matter is necessary for the growth of grapes, let's use it now!