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New product “EDDHA - Fe 6%” for International market

December 28, 2020

What is the “EDDHA - Fe 6%”?

EDDHA-Fe is high active chelated iron, and is more easily to be absorbed by plants.Its assimilation effect is far better than common EDTA chelated iron, and hundreds times the traditional iron fertilizer.

The fertilizer can be well absorbed by plants when the soil PH is 4.5-11(the higher the PH is, the more obvious the advantage of EDDHA-Fe to EDTA-Fe and ferrous sulphate is). The implementation effect is better when water and basic fertilizer are adequate for plants. The lacking of one minerals may result in lacking of another related microelement fertilizer, so you should make sure what is needed before you apply fertilizers, EDDHA-Fe can be mingled with other chelated microelement fertilizers such as EDTA-Zn, EDTA-Mg.

How to use the “EDDHA - Fe 6%”?

Spray on Foliage:

It is ultra efficient when you spray eddha fe6% (o- 4.8) to the leaves, in 1000-1500 diluted concentration, once a week, spray 2 or 3 times at a time(the spray frequency depends on the degree of lacking of iron).

The best way to apply EDDHA-Fe is irrigating the root by water solution of the EDDHA-Fe(consistency 0.1%). If the soil is hardened, cultivate the soil before irrigating.

For the north where flood irrigation is commonly used, EDDHA-Fe can be distributed into the water to irrigate the soil, once 500-1000g per Chinese acre.

For fruit trees or shrub, the made-up solution can be injected into the roots of the plants.

Soil application rates of EDDHA Fe iron:


Apple, Peach, Pear……20g/plant

Grapes, strawberry……100g/100 meters row

Chrysanthemum, geranium……50g/10 square meters

Cuckoo, rose, lily……50g/bush

The herein is recommending dosage, the actual dosage should depend on the size of plants and the lack of iron, the effect is better if the fertilizer is distributed into the soil and watered after earth up.

Make hydroponics liquid of eddha fe 6% iron chelate fertilizer :

Add EDDHA-Fe 15-20g to the water to make up nutrient solution.

Attentions of eddha iron chelate:

Keep in a cool and dry place.

It can be mingled with most fertilizer and agricultural chemical.

The effect is better when both watering the soil and spray the leaves with the fertilizer.

The spray should be before 9 am.or after 4 pm.,if it rains 4 hours after spray, spray again.