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How Humic Acid repair the soil

August 23, 2022

The remediation effect of humic acid on ' heavy metals and toxic organic pollutants ' contaminated soil mainly includes : adsorption and precipitation of heavy metals and organic pollutants by humic acid ; redox ; and humic acid can promote the degradation of organic pollutants by soil microorganisms.

Practice has proved that humic acid for soil remediation and improvement is very obvious.


Humic acid altered the speciation of heavy metals in contaminated soils

Accumulation and enrichment of heavy metals bring great pressure to the soil. Most of the forms of heavy metals in the soil are chelate or complex. Humic acid is rich in a large number of ions. It can replace heavy metal ions in chelate and complex with its own ions, so that heavy metals are not easily absorbed by crops and crops are not susceptible to heavy metal pollution.

Low molecular weight of light humic acid ( fulvic acid ) is beneficial to the activation, enrichment and desorption of heavy metals. For example, irrigation of ' hyperaccumulator ' fern with fulvic acid solution ( hyperaccumulator refers to plants that are tolerant to heavy metals or other pollutants ) can significantly improve the absorption of various heavy metals.


Heavy humic acid ( including brown humic acid and black humic acid ), with large molecular weight, has the effect of reduction and adsorption fixation on heavy metals, which can reduce the effectiveness of heavy metals, such as Cd, Hg and Pb fixation.

Humic acid reduces the toxicity of organic matter in contaminated soil

Another “ destroyer ” of soil is organic pollutants, mainly from petroleum and pyrolysis products, pesticides, and organic synthetic products ( such as plastic mulch ) ;

Humic acid can increase the adsorption capacity and stability of organic matter, fix it in the soil, make pollutants lose activity, or induce the active free radical photolysis and chemical degradation of organic matter, so as to achieve the effect of ' detoxification ' for soil.

Humic acid ' biodegradable film ' produced from heavy humic acid has the function of increasing temperature, keeping moisture and fertilizer, and then degraded into humic acid organic fertilizer after 2 ~ 3 months. The crop naturally sprouts, saves labor and time, and avoids the ' white pollution ' caused by plastic film.


Humic acid can be used to control saline-alkali land with groundwater level below 1 meter

Humic acid can be combined with calcium and iron ions of other auxiliary agents to promote the formation of large granular aggregate structure in fine-grained soil of 20-30 cm on the surface, reduce the capillary phenomenon of fine-grained soil, and greatly reduce the evaporation of water carrying salt to the surface and the gradual accumulation of salinization, which is the most effective way to thoroughly control saline-alkali land from the source.