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Can Khumic supply liquid humic & fulvic acid products

April 25, 2021

Can Khumic supply liquid humic & fulvic acid products?

Yes, we can supply liquid humic & fulvic acid products fertilizer, recently, our have a new arrival in liquid, total Humic & Fulvic Acid is 23% min, Humic Acid 11% min, Fulvic Acid 11% min, K2O 2.5% max, PH 8-10, it is based on high quality natural leonardite as raw material, through advanced technology to produce a variety of crops needed natural biological stimulant .It has good water solubility ,can be absorbed well, with high nutrient, quick effect, adapt to all kinds of water quality and soil, liquid fertilizer can be absorbed by plants directly and use of, extend the harvest period, improve product quality, improve the commodity characteristics of agricultural products, and can be mixed with NPK fertilizer, chemical fertilizer use will be greatly reduced.

liquid fertilizer

What is the using method?

1.Drip irrigation or Flushing per hectare each time: 30 liters-45 liters.

2.Foliar spray : It is recommended to use 450-750 milliliter per hectare, dilute 500-800 times, evenly sprayed, due to the different absorption capacity of crops, the amount of use can be adjusted appropriately according to the law of crops requiring fertilizer.

Use time: The use interval is 7 days to 14 days, and it can be used within the entire crop growth period.


1. Corresponding compatibility tests must be done before mixing this product with other fertilizers or pesticides.

2. Before use, please dilute this product. After it is completely dissolved then dilute other products.

What is your available packing for liquid Humic & Fulvic Acid or potassium humate liquid ?

1L bottle, 10L bottle, 200L bottle, 1000L IBC, or other requirement.

If we want high content of K2O, is it a problem for you?

It is okay for us to adjust the content of K2O, Humic Acid, and Fulvic Acid as per your requirement, there will be a MOQ due to its a customized product.

Besides liquid humic & fulvic acid, do you still supply other product?

Yes, we are the largest factory of Humic & Fulvic Products with annual capacity 200,000 tons, our mainly products including Humic Acid Granule, powder, flakes; Potassium Humate Granule, Powder, Flakes, Fulvic Acid Powder, and Flakes, Potassium Fulvate Powder, and Flakes; Amino Acid Shiny Balls NPK 12-1-1, 13-1-2, 12-3-3, etc; NPK Humic Compound Ferilizer, NPK 15-6-9; Active Fulvic Acid Granule, etc.

May I know your company advantage?

The largest humate products factory in China

Annual production capacity: 200,000 Tons.

The leading top quality products in China

Price 50% Lower than Competitior

Customized packing is acceptable

Professional technical services and consulting services


Any interest or technical question please contact us( whatsapp:0086 19903889469) freely.

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