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How to select the true mineral fulvic acid

December 14, 2020

How to select the true mineral fulvic acid?

1. Raw materials: Mineral fulvic acid used the lignite and weathered coal as raw materials. It contains many active groups of organic components, and has strong adsorption, complexation (chelation), oxidation, reduction, ion exchange and other functions. So it is a high-quality humic acid (HA) raw material recognized by the raw material industry.The lignite raw material source of fulvic acid has better product activity, solubility, agricultural use effect and other indicators.

2. Content: The content of FA in most raw materials is not high, the content of fulvic acid is higher, and ther effect will be better. And also it could improve the absorption of NPK fertilizer, natural fulvic acid is extremely rare in nature. The higher the content of the extracted natural mineral fulvic acid, the better the effect will be Perfectly! Khumic Mineral Fulvic Acid can reach more than 60%.

How to select the true mineral fulvic acid

3. Solubility, anti-flocculation, anti-hard water

Khumic Mineral fulvic acid also called potassium fulvate dissolves 100% within 10 seconds, resists hard water 445ppm, and has a significant anti-hard water and anti-flocculation effect.

The products are ranked in order of water solubility, resistance to hard water, and agricultural use effect. The grades from high to low are potassium fulvate>potassium humate>sodium humate>humic acid raw powder.

4. Stability, color and use effect

Mineral potassium fulvic acid has the most stable performance because it contains a large number of functional groups, and is not easy to be damp and agglomerated. The color is black brown, and the effect of curing saline-alkali soil is obvious.

Biochemical fulvic acid is brown and is mainly extracted from plants or sucrose residues. It is susceptible to damp and agglomerates. The amount used is 10 times that of mineral fulvic acid, and the cost of fertilization is higher.