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What's the benefits of mineral fulvic acids

July 25, 2022

What's the benefits of mineral fulvic acids?

(1) Water-retaining: fulvic acid is a hydrocolloid with strong water absorption capacity. The maximum water absorption can exceed 500%. The weight of water absorbed from the saturated atmosphere can reach more than twice its own weight, which is more than ordinary minerals. Larger colloids; Fulvic acid inhibits crop transpiration, slows down soil water consumption, and increases soil water content accordingly. In addition, Fulvic acid can improve soil aggregate structure and play a role in saving water and conserving moisture.

(2) Fertilizer retention: Fulvic acid itself is an organic acid, which not only increases the dissolution of minerals in the soil, provides soil nutrients, but also increases the effectiveness of nutrients through complexation. Fulvic acid is an organic colloid with both positive and negative charges. It can adsorb anions and cations, so that these nutrients can be stored in the soil and will not be lost with water. It can improve the utilization rate of fertilizers, which is of great significance on sandy soil.

(3) Adjust soil condition: Mineral potassium fulvic acid has a small molecular weight and high activity. It can absorb harmful cations in the soil, thereby reducing the salt concentration in the soil, reducing the harm of salt to seeds and seedlings, and improving the saline-alkali land.

(4) Anti coldness and drought: Spraying mineral potassium fulvic acid to plant leaves can seal plant stomata and reduce plant water transpiration. Mineral potassium fulvic acid has a darker color, which is good for absorbing solar energy; when mineral potassium fulvic acid is decomposed by microorganisms, it will release heat, thereby increasing the ground temperature and playing a role in cold resistance.