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The role of sodium humate as an environmentally friendly pesticide

October 13, 2021

Sodium humate has good biological activity. It is an organic carrier composed of multiple functional groups and an intermediate substance with plant respiration and photosynthesis metabolism functions. Therefore, it has great compatibility and can be combined with a variety of substances.

Sodium humate is mainly divided into agricultural sodium humate, which can be used as fertilizer and plant growth stimulant; sodium humate is widely used in animal husbandry and aquaculture. Sodium humate used in agriculture can also be compounded with pesticides to form a new type of sodium humate ring

Protect pesticides.

The new type of sodium humate environmentally friendly pesticide is mainly combined through the interaction between sodium humate and pesticide, such as ionic bond, hydrogen bond, proton transfer, electron transfer, complexation, etc., to generate this new type of pesticide polymer composite body.

Scientific research shows that sodium humate has a slow-release effect, and sodium humate has a significant inhibitory effect on the decomposition rate of pesticides, and the greater the amount of sodium humate, the slower the speed; sodium humate animal feed has a detoxification effect, sodium humate Can inactivate the activity of those enzymes that are sensitive to pesticide toxicity in organisms

It stimulates the activity of enzymes that have antagonistic effects on pesticides, alleviating and reducing the toxicity of pesticides.

In actual use, sodium humate is compounded with insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to enhance the efficacy and reduce toxicity. Specifically, it has a solubilizing effect on pesticides: Sodium humate can act as a surfactant, and the surface tension of its metal salt is lower than that of water.

It can produce obvious dispersing and emulsifying effect on pesticides, and can improve the dissolving ability and synergistic effect of soluble pesticides. Sodium humate can also enhance the absorption of pesticides by plants, can improve the biological activity of pesticides and plant growth regulators, and can significantly improve the effect of pesticides.