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Khumic foliar fertilizer fulvic acid chelate Fe  for modern agriculture

February 03, 2023

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. We hope this joyful festival would bring you happiness as well.

In 2023, we Khumic already developed a series of new and high quality products items, and always persist on building a healthy and sustainable agriculture together with each client.

Important advantages you have to know about Khumic "Fulviron" fulvic acid chelate Fe foliar fertilizer for modern agriculture.

As a good start in 2023, we introduce one of our new product-Fulviron, it is new chelated Fe which contain humic and fulvic acids together, we also name it as a water-soluble organic trace element fertilizer, based on mineral leonardite source potassium fulvate with plant available chelated iron. It can be used to prevent and correct iron deficiency symptoms in plants. In addition to supplying of chelated iron, the mineral humic acids act as natural chelators, chelating trace elements in soils and increasing their availability to plants. The humic acids increase the resistance of plants to abiotic stress factors (drought, cold, salt). This product is suitable for soil and foliar application and can be applied in combination with fertilizer or pesticide (pre-mixing test advised).

About the applications area, they are widely including General Farming, Vegetable Production, Fruit Production, Substrate Cultivates, Hydroponics, Lawn Care and Landscaping and Seed Treatment, etc. The following are the mainly usege

Soil: 10 - 12 kg/ha divided into several applications (1 - 2 kg/ha) during the vegetation period

Foliar: 25 - 35 g/100 L water every two weeks during the vegetation period

Substrate: 0.1 - 0.5 kg/m³

Seeds: 0.1 % or 100 g/100 kg seed dressing according to thousand grain weight(T.G.W.)

Hydroponics: 15 - 25 g/1000 L nutrient solution during the cultivation cycle * These are standard recommendations that can vary according to soil properties, cultivated crop and local system conditions.


One of our clients from Austrilia are appreciated after used this product, they shared us the following

 Khumic foliar fertilizer fulvic acid chelate Fe  for modern agriculture