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The humic organic fertilizer is more popular than chemical fertilizers

September 07, 2020

It is now foreseeable that organic fertilizers will be more popular than chemical fertilizers in agriculture. Why the humic organic fertilizer is more popular than chemical fertilizers?

Simply put, this is people's pursuit of health. The human don't want the taste of sweet melons and fruits to deteriorate, and the land, farms or lawns are hardened due to repeated use of chemical fertilizers, the heavy metal content exceeds the standard. People want to create a healthy ecological cycle system in agriculture. More importantly, organic fertilizer such as humic acid fulvic acid can make your farm get better economic benefits.

Let's look at the specific reasons:

The humic organic fertilizer is more popular than chemical fertilizers

1.The humic acid from leonardite organic fertilizer improved soil ecology

The organic fertilizer support the growth of beneficial microbes and organisms that help break down the nutrients. The nutrients are then availed to the grass on your lawn. The microorganisms are also crucial for aeration, thus improving overall soil health.

2.Better Root Growth

Humic acid amino acid granule organic lawn fertilizers are able to gradually release vital nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium both in the short term and long term. These nutrients support the growth of better and stronger roots.

4.Better Cation Exchange Capacity, thus increasing the soil’s capacity to retain nutrients.

5.Most organic fertilizers are made from totally natural products that are fully biodegradable and release the nutrients to the soil.

6.The potassium humate organic fertilizer increased beneficial bacteria populations break down the nutrients.

7.Safer for Humans and Pets

It’s no secret that exposure to chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides may lead to serious health complications. The organic fertilizer is more safe.

8.Environmentally Friendly.