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Why is the effect of "humic acid" in the fertilizer good

September 11, 2021

Why is the effect of "humic acid" in the fertilizer good ?

The organic matter of the soil is generally more than humic acid. Among the humus substances, humic acid is the main body and the salt combined with metal ions. Humic acid is the most active and effective part of the organic matter.

The most direct role of humic acid is to promote plant growth and increase crop yields.

Humic acid for soil: improve soil structure, adjust soil pH to increase soil buffer capacity.

Biological effects: Stimulate the growth and development of crops. The use of humic acid can enhance the activity of various enzymes of crops, improve the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients, enhance crop metabolism, accelerate growth and development, mature earlier, and improve quality.

In addition, from the perspective of agricultural applications, humic acid also has strong drought resistance, disease resistance, low temperature resistance, and salinity resistance.