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Why do we need fulvic acids

July 06, 2021

Why do we need fulvic acids? Fulvic acid is a universal substance that not only enhances the quality of soil but also appears to enrich the overall vitality of the body.

According to ongoing research, the list of potential fulvic acid benefits currently under scientific investigation is increasing nearly every day! A balanced, healthy diet is always the best way to ensure optimum consumption of electrolytes and trace minerals and promote maximum health in the areas of metabolism and digestion.

food fulvic acid

But what if food alone isn’t enough?

We need to eat dirt! There are nutrients in the soil that we cannot get from plants, such as humic acids and fulvic acids, that are very beneficial for our health. Humic acids are a rich source of nutrition for plants, of which fulvic acids make up the largest component. Although unfortunately nowadays, even dirt is depleted of minerals and nutrients from overproduction and erosion, and polluted with chemicals! So finding a source of fulvic acid unaffected by these factors is essential. So consuming food grade fulvic acid directly offers us a rich source of nutrition, and it also enhances the absorption of its own nutrients and of other nutrients we consume by making our cell membranes more permeable to these nutrients.